My Guild

Keep in touch with your Guild
while out of the game.

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My Guild

  • A free app for Android™ dedicated to GuildWars2® players and guilds.
  • Easy configuration : no email, no password, only the API key.
  • Start chatting with your guild instantly.
And more features coming soon...


The home page shows: Guild name, tag and emblem; Message of the day; Guild level, influence, aetherium, resonance and favor.


Guild Log

  • Keep an eye on : guild treasure and stash, launched upgrades, incoming members, etc.
  • Get notified of latest entries

Guild Chat

  • Prepare your evening/week-end game
  • Instantly chat with all members of your guild

Invite friends

Send an email or SMS to your friends, inviting them to use My Guild

My Guild BETA

  • Discover new features in advance
  • Provide feedback on new features
Please note that BETA version could be not as stable as PRODUCTION version. You should install it only if you are ready to be involved in app testing.